The first within our summerhouse range is the Washington, your go-to option for a room in the garden to simply use for sitting out in during the sunnier & brighter days with family & friends. A simple, yet attractive appearance it fits into any garden and is available in a range of sizes & customisation as we allow you to have a personal influence on what you want to have in your garden.

The Washington Summerhouse is completely customisable, seeing it be our most popular product for those that want a summerhouse & storage within the same cabin. By adding a division wall, you can have a space for sitting and using as a summerhouse while the area of space separated can be utilised as storage. This is a great way to make use of your garden space without having to purchase to separate cabins.

Standard (10)

Combination (8)

Bi-Fold (10)

Bi-Fold Combination (8)